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Over the past 15 years, we've grown to offer all the benefits of the "big guys", but we haven't grown out of our core values. At CQ Recruitment, we still have the fresh attitude and passion for people that gets us out of the office to network and really get to know our clients businesses. We are focused on developing partnerships with all of our clients, so we can fulfil your immediate staff needs, and understand your long term recruitment goals.

Each business requires an individual and unique approach for its staffing needs; we call this the X-Factor. You may find that one or a combination of several factors will be the key to finding your ideal staff member.

The X Factors:
With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, as well as the combined knowledge of our personnel, we are well equipped to handle and recruitment needs.

We have staff members that specialise in specific industries, allowing them to thoroughly understand unique needs and skill sets necessary for a particular position.

While we do advertise positions, we place a strong emphasis on networking and building relationships. Having the right industry connections means a greater exposure to the right candidates.

External Resources
CQ Recruitment has access to international employment and training facilities, ensuring flexible and diverse recruitment solutions, and a higher success rate.

We encourage our staff to be proactive and innovative in their work, which keeps them excited and delivers great results.

If you are currently looking to fill a vacancy, or thinking of developing your team, talk to us.
Or, submit an enquiry form, and a representative that is best suited to your industry and location will be in touch within 24hours. We might already have a match within our extensive database, or can arrange all the necessary advertising.